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The Story Behind Dragon-Line

Monty Teeter, developer and CEO of Dragon-Line, is a life long resident of the Southwest Kansas area.  He has been a distributor, designer, and installer of center pivots for 40 plus years, and has experience in SDI (Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation) for 20 years.  This experience of selling more than 3,500 pivots and hundreds of acres of SDI has allowed Monty to become proficient in understanding the technologies and benefits of both irrigation applications.


For many years now, countless individuals have watched the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer.  What once was seen as a vast supply of water in many areas is now becoming less sufficient and even non-existent. Monty is no stranger to these depleting conditions and has spent countless hours working on ways to conserve and efficiently use this natural resource.   He has pioneered the installing of the first spray nozzles and drops in the area, developed Ultra-Drop, a UV rated PVC drop, See-Level gearbox lubricators, and was the first to install SDI in his area.   Moreover, developing equipment to install polymers into the soil to reduce compaction, and installing the newest innovative ideas to deliver water.


With the passions and pioneering spirit listed above, Monty felt it was very important to begin combining his knowledge of both pivots and SDI. He worked very diligently to get farmers to try this product, however, no one wanted to experiment because of the risk of crop failure and lack of proven statistics. Monty then proceeded to purchase a farm of 320 acres with a 200 GPM well that included two pivots, and this began his quest to develop “Dragon-Line®”.


The process and technology that Dragon-Line is adapted from are called MDI (Mobile Drip Irrigation).  Transforming Pivot Irrigation Through Drip Technology. Dragon-Line patented technology combines the efficiency of surface drip irrigation with the flexibility and economics of mechanized irrigation systems. Dragon-Line is an orange drip-line tubing co-extruded from a blend of high-quality PE resin. The pressure compensating emitters are continuous self-flushing, welded to the internal wall of the drip-line, and fully operation at seven psi. Dragon-Line Emitter Tubing is attached to Dragon Flex Hose which drags completely on the soil surface, thus the name “Dragon-Line”. As Dragon-Line is pulled behind the system, the emitters deliver a uniform water pattern across the full length of the irrigated area. Dragon-Line significantly reduces evaporation, soil compaction, and eliminates wind drift.

Monty Teeter, CEO
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