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What do farmers say about Dragon-Line?



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Loren Seaman

"The Dragon-Line technology is one of the best things to come along in 20 years."

Seaman Crop Consulting

Isaya Kisekka, Ph.D.

"Mobile Drip Irrigation has the potential to increase crop water use efficiency by reducing evaporation and increasing transpiration."

KSU Assistant Professor
Research Agriculture Engineer

Robert Jochens

"With Dragon-Line, we get the water savings of drip irrigation with the manageability of a pivot, and this is a great way to help reach sustainability with our aquifers."

Western Irrigation Supply House

Tom Willis

"What Dragon-Line has done for us is that it's made so that the water doesn't even see the sunlight, it doesn't even feel the wind, and it puts the water right down at the root base, where in years past, we might have lost 25-30% of that water on a hot and windy day."

T&O Farms

Keith Watson

"You can take less gallons and do more with Dragon-Line than you can with bubble pads or sprays."

Keith Watson Farms

Behnaz Molaei

"MDI is now considered to be the most efficient
method possible for irrigating with a moving irrigation system
like a center pivot, linear move, or boom-cart irrigation systems."

Washington State University

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