Hydrocyclone Filters are designed to remove >90% of sand before the filter, so filter does not have to be flushed as often. The filter is a 4″ Dual Scan-Kleen  80 Mesh screen designed to handle up to 500 GPM.  This filter has a gauge on the inlet and outlet to get a pressure differential, and can be flushed by opening a 1″ valve and turning the crank to clean the filter screen off one side at a time.

Hydro-Cyclones for sand removal for Dragon-Line System or any system that has a sand issue.  This well was short of room to tie in sand separator so discharge extends through pump stand, ties into separator, clean water then moves out the top through 80 mesh filter to pump stand then filtered water out to system.  (BELOW)

Booster pump at pivot point to boost pressure to insure proper sand filtration.  Pressure is sent to sand separator, through 80 mesh filter, then to system of Dragon-Line.   (ABOVE)

Fresno FLOW-Guard 1600 series Sand Separator.  3 Tank Unit designed for 550 GPM and an AMIAD  Semi-Automatic 6" Brush-away Filter( 80 mesh x 700 GPM Capacity)   (LEFT & ABOVE)

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